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Jubilee by heavenriver

Very eye-catching colours invite you to look closer. Also that today is the 31th december, thinking already of the fireworks because of the golden colours and the stars.

I personally like the combination of blue and gold. Through gold the blue becomes more valuable, and the golden colour has a good contrast to show itself. The kaki-green is somehow disturbing this big contrast of blue and gold, but it has a softing effect. Without these green influences the contrast would have been much stronger, and therefore the whole picture would have had a different impact.

As I prefer strong contrasts, I would like to have seen only the two basic colours blue and gold, in their different light and dark variations. The green is somehow stopping the other colours in their development.

I get the feeling of seeing many butterflys on this picture. So we have stars, gold and butterlfys that seem to say: an new beautiful year is coming, with joy, hope and unknown possibilities.

I also did not like that much the domination of the green at the end of this picture. It would have been more interesting, if a bit more blue would have gone from the centre to the end. The contrast of the kaki-green and the gold is not that strong, so even a little blue would have made the bottom more eye-catching and fascinating.

To sum all my observations up, this artwork is a wonderful art, that would make a beautiful poster on a wall. It changes the atmosphere of a room and it catches your attention and interest.

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heavenriver Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for taking your time to write this :nod: I'll take your considerations into account with future works for sure! The colours were, once again, a pain to do. :lmao:
aquadiocean Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you're very welcome, I really like your art. So, just keep on ^^ :hug:
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